Terms of Service

Welcome to Magicdawolfy’s Terms of Service! Here you will find all of the info you need to know before commissioning me about my rights as an artist, your rights as a customer, Reproducing policies, my blacklist and more! Please read this in full before commissioning me, Payment is considered an agreement to these terms.

All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars) and include GST

Must be 18 years or older to commission NSFW works. I may ask for ID as proof of age. If you refuse to provide proof of age I may terminate the commission. You are still welcome to buy SFW art from me, however, continued harassment of any kind may lead to you being placed on my blacklist.

My Telegram or Twitter , are the best places to receive updates on commissions and to contact me for a fast response as they send push notifications to my phone! You can, however, contact me on any platform you wish to talk about commissions, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Please read my price list BEFORE you commission, this makes the process quicker, and lets you know roughly how much you will be spending on the piece you want. All my prices are subject to change depending on complexity and extras, if you are unsure feel free to inquire any time.

Have an up to date Reference Image, Accurate set of artwork or text description of your character showing all markings, features and details to send through to me so I can give you an accurate price! you can send multiple just please make sure it shows all the details!

I accept payment through Square for Australian and International commissioners, Bank transfer FOR AUSTRALIANS ONLY and cash AT CONVENTIONS ONLY.
Paypal is also available, only if needed.

PAYMENT PLANS are available for commissions over $200, a down payment of at least 40% must be made before I begin work on your piece, and full payment must be received before I complete the piece, Please ask for more information as payment plans vary!

You may request that your commission remain private, if you would prefer that your commission not be posted publicly you just need to specify so when contacting me initially! You may also give me a date to freely post it if the piece is a gift or surprise.

If you wish to cancel a commission, please contact me as soon as you have made the decision to cancel.

If the commission has not been started, or is in the first sketch stage, you will receive a full refund and the sketch MAY be resold as a YCH (all elements of your character present will be removed) if I have reached Lining or colouring when you request cancellation you will only receive a partial refund.

For smaller pieces you will receive a 50% refund, however for larger pieces (anything above a “Full Body”) it will be a 40% refund. If I have reached the shading and final touches stage your cannot receive a refund unless it is an extreme circumstance, Please Remember you are not just paying for the art, but the artist’s time and experience.

IF for some reason I need to cancel your commission, I will alert you and will always provide a full refund. It is not often I have to do this, and it is usually in the event of an emergency.

I will send you work-in-progress images for approval at each stage of work (i.e. Sketch, Lines, colour) when you receive WIP images it is up to you to pick out if any details are wrong and list them to me so I can fix them up.

IF YOU REQUEST EDITS ONLY AFTER THE IMAGE HAS BEEN COMPLETED AN EXTRA FEE MAY APPLY, It depends on the situation but if you have changed your mind on something that requires a linework change then an extra fee of $50+ may apply to make these changes, in extreme circumstances I may refuse to edit (large pose or setting change).

My Queue can be found HERE
I am a fast worker and regularly complete commissions within a week of payment being received, because of this my queue works on a First paid – first serve basis. Wait times rarely get over 3 weeks unless you have bought a large character scene, I will keep you updated as I work or if anything goes wrong. feel free to request an update at any time but do keep in mind that I only work Monday-Friday 10am-6pm! (GMT+8)


Re-posting pieces you have commissioned from me is encouraged but it is required that you credit me properly in the description. That means providing a direct link to my Website, Social media page(s) or gallery. If you are unsure of anything, please feel free to ask.

If you do not link back to me properly, you will be asked to remove the piece or fix the description, any outright refusal to link back to or credit me will result in you being blacklisted. You may not claim my artwork as your own, and doing so will result in being blacklisted. Edits to the artwork (changing colours or body parts) is not allowed unless explicit permission is given, in most situations I am ok with you colouring lines you’ve commissioned but please just ask! Please credit me even if you have put a filter or background on any artwork.

If you would like to print out your commissioned artwork to hang on your wall or for personal use, go ahead! If you wish to reproduce my artwork for profit, you may have to pay a reproduction fee, please section see below!

I reserve all rights to sell prints and other merchandise of any artwork I produce, this does does not mean I am selling the work or characters featured, the original commission retains the ownership of the image and characters.

When commissioning me for any artwork that you will be reproducing to sell or use as marketing I ask that you pay a one time reproduction fee that varies from $50-$200 AUD. The fee gives you the rights to reproduce this artwork on/in any apparel/merchandise, websites, and any other physical or digital media. The fee varies depending on volume and way you wish to reproduce and the size of the job so please discuss this with me upon commissioning!

If you are blacklisted, this means you may not receive any commissions or products from me. My blacklist policy extends to approaching me or my table at a convention, if an altercation happens, I will contact security. Continued harassment of me, or people related to me in reference to any issues surrounding your blacklist status with my business may result in legal action.

An individual may be blacklisted for refusing to pay, claiming my work as your own, tracing, abuse etc. Blacklists for personal disputes will not be lifted.
I may blacklist people if I receive several warnings from fellow artists or see several beware posts, in these cases if you are blacklisted you may appeal your blacklist by having 2 artists that fit these criteria vouch for you:
– Must be an adult (18+)
– Preferably within Australia if you are local.
– Must have 1 or more years’ experience with Commissions.

Please note that if I can see continued patterns of the problem that prompted blacklisting in the first place I will not recognize your appeal.

You may not Buy/receive any Commissions, Merchandise, freebies or enter any giveaways on behalf of Anyone on the blacklist. Upon doing this any individual found to have passed on items or art will be blacklisted without question. This Also extends to passing on screenshots or personal details to people that I have blocked.

All blacklist decisions are made personally without the interference of anyone else, I solely judge who goes onto my blacklist with my own freewill and experiences. My blacklist is not available publicly and will only be provided when doing large contract works for Conventions or large groups to ensure my safety and prevent any unwanted altercations with dangerous individuals.

When you commission me, you are receiving it under a personal use license. This means you may download it, re-post (with credit as mention above, of course) but you MAY NOT make any profit from my artwork unless the mentioned reproduction payment is made.

I also reserve the right to use any images as/in advertisements, as commission examples or in prints to sell at conventions. In selling prints I am not selling the art or character, simply a copy of a piece for someone to display.

If you would like me to use the line art or sketches of another artist PLEASE make sure you have explicit permission from said artist before you contact me, and I will likely ask to see proof of permission.

I Reserve the right to refuse any commission for whatever reason, personal or other. Please be understanding if I refuse your commission, I am a human being.

The terms of service stated above are subject to change and are reviewed every 6 months. Last updated: 30/06/23